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The Olympic Charter obliges the National Olympic Committees to spread and preserve the basic principles and values of the Olympic Movement in their countries, encouraging and supporting the activities of the International Olympic Academy (“IOA”) and other institutions which dedicate themselves to Olympic Education.


This purpose is served above all by the National Olympic Academies and the NOC Commissions entrusted with the implementation of Olympic Education. They promote Olympism and the values of peace, fair play, respect, tolerance, joy of efforts, excellence and the harmonic development of body and mind, and oppose every form of discrimination, force and manipulation. They accompany the Olympic Movement in a critical- constructive way and contribute to its contemporary further development.

The National Olympic Academies under the aegis of the European Olympic Committees (EOC) and the IOA, have united in the Association of European Olympic Academies (EOA) to fulfil their tasks more effectively by exchange of experiences and collaboration.


The aim of the EOA is to gather the Olympic academies of the European continent in order to promote the Olympic Values, Philosophy and Ideals.

The Association shall undertake the following duties in collaboration with its member organisations and by way of its purposes:

EOA would promote the collaboration between the National Olympic Academies of Europe on the basis of corresponding provisions of the Olympic Charter, in close cooperation with National Olympic Committees, the European Olympic Committees (EOC) and the International Olympic Academy (IOA).

The Association will promote the continuous sharing of experiences amongst its members using appropriate communicative means.

EOA would like to promote Olympic Education from a practical perspective and to enhance common and exchange educational programs by taking into consideration the difference of cultures and how educational systems differ among different countries. These programs would encourage active involvement of people in sporting activities in Europe and will be useful to the educational systems in the various countries.


The EOA would like also to organize events and conduct conferences and seminars and other appropriate initiatives to provide incentives for the young generation to spread the Olympic values, to exchange with other countries, to promote their cultural traditions as well as to provide information on environmental and peace issues, and on matters of economy, health and education. These actions should be flexible enough to respond to the needs of European citizens.

It will be important for the European Olympic Academies to represent its positions and interests in front of governmental organisations and non-governmental organisations and to cooperate with various organisations in order to develop Olympic Education in the Sports Federations, Bid Committees for hosting the Olympic Games, the European Commission, etc.


The International Olympic Academy constitutes an educational and cultural interdisciplinary center that aims at studying, enriching and promoting Olympism, actively involved through its educational programs, in current global issues of Olympic interest, focusing on a range of initiatives, which could raise awareness among the Youth of the world.


The need for the creation of such an educational institution was firstly recognized by Pierre de Coubertin himself, who wished to convey the Olympic idea to the contemporary world, as a means of education, and the best place for this to be founded was in the shadow of Kronion hill and in close proximity to the archaeological site of Ancient Olympia.


Avery Brundage, 1967: “Let us make Olympia one day the Mecca of Olympism”


The IOA has succeeded in becoming the unique authentic cradle of Olympic culture worldwide, becoming the cornerstone in Olympic Education, the ambassador of the Olympic Idea, contributing to the international understanding and the promotion of humanism through sport, maintaining the philosophy of Olympism in this sacred place vibrant with the same positive energy, as in the ancient time, carried to every corner of the world by members of the Olympic family, including those from the IOC, International Federations, National Olympic Committees and National Olympic Academies, who have visited the IOA since 1961 and participated in the programmes.


Throughout the years, the IOA has been trying to enforce the educational dynamic of the National Olympic Academies, worldwide, working closely with Academies established at a national level, as well as supporting the creation of Associations which will operate at a regional level, since the spread of Olympic Education, through such forms, following common cultural, historical and social structures, will lead to more efficient outcomes.


The European Olympic Association has been established, under the aegis of the IOA, in the core of the Olympic Movement, the continent of Europe, which is considered to be the birthplace of the modern Olympic heritage from the beginning of 19th century, since the Idea of the renovation of the Olympic Games was born in Europe and gradually expanded to all the parts of the world. This new European identity of NOAs highlights this legacy, and the IOA will sustain and preserve its role aiming towards the cultivation of Olympic culture to the youth of the European society.



This Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) shall confirm the future relations between the European Olympic Committees (“EOC”) and the Initiative Committee of the Association of European National Olympic Academies (EOA), referred hereafter together as “Parties” in the interests of both parties.

The European Olympic Academies (EOA) is a non profit organisation. The aim of the EOA is to gather the Olympic academies of the European continent in order to promote the Olympic Values, Philosophy and Ideals.


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